How to Cite a Quote From a Blog According to MLA Format

As information becomes more and more available by way regarding technology, you need to learn exactly how to cite web journals like blog posts. The Seventh Edition of the Modern Language Association Handbook has everything you should learn exactly how to cite a post.

In-Text Citation

Providing the in-text quotation for a blog post can be a bit tricky, because there are no web page numbers for in-text quotation. Include as much information about the source in the phrase so that no citation will be needed. If you must use a citation, only the creator name should be within parentheses. The title associated with the post should be in quotation marks, although the name of the particular blog itself should become in italics.

Instance: As Katrina of the famous Pugly Pixel (in italics) blog states in her post “How in order to Install and Use Typeface Awesome, ” “[o]ne of the great things about Font Awesome is the infinite scalability of the icons. ”

Works Cited

All electronic sources usually are considered Web Publications inside MLA format. Therefore, any time you include the distribution medium in your functions cited, list the method as “Web. ”

Write the author’s last name, a comma and first name, followed by the title of the posting in quotation marks, the Net site name in italics and the publisher and date of the write-up. Give the medium of syndication (web) followed by typically the date of access. If the author’s name is usually not known, include a new nick name or display screen name; if both are known, put the author’s title in brackets. If the particular publisher of the web site is unknown, use the particular abbreviation n. p.; when the date of publication is unknown, use the abbreviation n. d..


Katrina. “How in order to Install and Use Font Awesome. ” Pugly -pixel (in italics). Small Desires Company LLC. n. deb. Web. 15 May 2013.

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