How to Cite a Professor in Academic Writing

When writing academically, it is advisable to cited published material, like articles from peer-reviewed journals and books by reliable authors. However, there is usually sometimes course material—or personal expertise—from a professor that will may enhance the essay in an unique or important way.

Citing a Professor in MLA Documents Style

Info provided by a professor that is not posted, such as in an individual or classroom discussion or even piece of correspondence must be cited with the next information: 1. The professor’s name (last name, very first name) 2. The sort of communication (such as “Personal interview, ” “Classroom presentation, ” or “Personal letter”) 3. The date (in day, month, year format) 4. When the file is written, add typically the medium (“MS” for manuscript [handwritten] or perhaps “TS” for a typed document)

For example: Markovich, Rita. Personal letter. 2 Feb. 2013. MS.

Details provided via e-mail ought to be cited as such: 1. The professor’s brand (last name, first name) 2. The subject line (in quotation marks and with standard title capitalization) three or more. The phrase “Message to” followed by the brand of the recipient some. The date (in day time, month, year format) 5. The medium (“E-mail”)

Such as: Silverkin, Katerine. “Clarification Relating to Assignment 3. ” Message to Vaughn Marsters. 10 Nov. 2012. E-mail.

The in-text citation would utilize the name included at the particular start in the Works Mentioned entry, much like all other standard MLA in-text details.

Citing a Professor within APA Documentation Style

Information provided by a new professor in an individual exchange, classroom discussion, tonto, letter, e-mail, or some other unpublished communication should become cited only within the particular text of the document, not necessarily on the References webpage. The citation should show the professor’s name, the particular phrase “personal communication, ” and the exact date of the exchange.

For example, this expanded in-text citation would appear as such: (K. Morris, personal communication, November 30, 2012)

Citing a Professor’ s Official Address in APA

If the professor gives a formal address—not just a classroom lecture—it would certainly be cited as a presentation. To cite typically the formal address, range from the next information: 1. The professor’s name (last name, after that first initial [and, if applicable, middle initial]—do not include virtually any titles) 2. The day of the presentation (in “year, month day” format) 3. The title associated with the presentation (capitalizing simply the first letter associated with the first word, the first letter of the 1st word after the intestinal tract [:], and the particular first letter of virtually any proper nouns) 4. The institution at which typically the address was given five. The location and state

With regard to example: Romero, G. (2007, Nov. 15). The enemies inside us: Modern Us zombie films as metaphor. Address in the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

This particular example, as a possible in-text quotation, would be as follows: (Romero, 2007)

Citing Material a new Professor Posts Online within APA

If a professor posts material such as course notes online, it follows a new very standard citation format: 1. The professor’s name—or, if the material is usually by someone else, the particular author’s name (last brand, then first initial [and, if applicable, middle initial]—do not consist of any titles) 2. The date the material has been published 3. The name of the document (capitalizing only the first page in the first word, the first letter of the first word following your colon [:], and the 1st letter of any appropriate nouns) 4. The file format description (in brackets), when the document is nonstandard (such as a weblog post or lecture notes) 5. The phrase “Retrieved from, ” followed by simply the URL

By way of example: Radu, C. (2013, March 28). Citing with style [Lecture notes]. Retrieved from

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