How to Cite a Play in Text

From William Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde to George Bernard Shaw, playwrights have long defined and entertained cultures around the world. Any literary interpretation of any play will inevitably include quotes from the work; to avoid plagiarism statements and give credence in order to your work, you should always cite the data in the text of your essay or paper. Provide credit where credit is due when working with an author’s intellectual property to guarantee a productive and top-grade-earning paper.

State the particular line from the play within quotation marks in your sentence. Separate outlines with a forward slash line. Be sure to utilize the author’s punctuation. Regarding example: Romeo declares, “But, soft! what light via yonder window breaks? or It is the east, and Juliet is typically the sun. ”

Cite the act, scene and line numbers at the conclusion of the quotation, divided by periods. Set this specific citation in parenthesis, following your quotation mark but before the period. For example: Romeo declares, “But, soft! exactly what light through yonder windows breaks? / It is usually the east, and Juliet is the sun” (2. 2 . not 2-3). This quote is from Act two, Scene 2, and is usually lines two through three.

Indent the quotation inside your text in the event you quotation more than three lines from the text. Divided the lines where the author does, instead regarding using the slashed outlines. Set the act, landscape and line numbers in parenthesis after the indented quotes. If you indent the quotation, you avoid need to use quote marks. For example: Romeo declares, But , soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It’s the east, and Juliet may be the sun. Occur, fair sun, and destroy the envious moon, Who is already sick in addition to pale with grief, Of which thou, her maid, artwork far more fair than she. (2. 2. 2-6)

Follow an indented quote with your own terms summing up. Do not necessarily finish a paragraph along with a quote.

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