How to Cite a Definition From a Textbook

When you use the definition from your textbook within your writing, you will have to cite the source in the text and in typically the works cited page, research list or bibliography at the end of your own paper. How you do this specific will depend on the style that you are using. The most common styles are Modern Language Association type, American Psychological Association design and Chicago Manual of fashion. There are other designs, particularly for writing within specialized fields.

MLA Citation

Enclose the author’s surname, the comma and the webpage number from which the particular definition was taken inside parentheses before the time period at the end regarding the sentence in which you make use of the source. For example: (Smith, 24).

Omit the particular author’s name from your own in-text citation if a person already mentioned it within an attribution such as “According to Smith… ” within just the sentence. In this case only list typically the page number. For illustration: (24).

List the textbook information as an entry on your works mentioned page in the structure of author’s last title, comma, author’s first title, period, title of guide (italicized), period, place regarding publication, colon, name of publisher, comma, year associated with publication and period. When the book recieve more than one author, list the particular first name following the order above then listing all subsequent authors by simply first name then previous name. For example: Doe, Jane and John Smith.

Indent all but the particular first type of each access on your works mentioned page.

APA Citation

Enclose the author’s last name, an intervalle, the textbook’s publication yr, a comma, “p. ” and the page amount from where the definition has been taken in parentheses right away following any direct quote or at the end of any passage you have got paraphrased. For example: (Smith, 2008, p. 24).

Omit typically the author’s name from your quotation if you already point out it in an don like “According to Jones… ” and put typically the publication year in parentheses immediately following the name. With regard to example: Smith (2008). Depart “p. ” and the particular page number in parentheses in late the quote or even paraphrase.

List the book information as an entry on your citation webpage in the format regarding author’s last name, intervalle, author’s first initial, period of time, year of publication (in parentheses), title (italicized), time period, publisher’s city, comma, two-letter zip code for publisher’s condition, colon, name of publisher and period. If typically the book gets more than a single author, list them almost all alphabetically in this similar format with last titles first.

Indent all yet the very first line of every entry on the reference checklist page.

Chicago Manual associated with Style Citation

Insert a superscript number in the body regarding your paper directly following the period of the sentence containing an explanation from the textbook.

Create the footnote at the end of the particular page that includes typically the textbook’s information in typically the format of corresponding superscript numeral, period, author’s first and last name, intervalle, title (italicized), open parentheses, publisher’s location, colon, publisher’s name, comma, year regarding publication, close parentheses, intervalle, page number and period of time.

List the textbook information as an entry in your bibliography in typically the format of author’s last name, comma, author’s first name, period, title (italicized), period, publisher’s location, intestinal tract, publisher’s name, comma, yr of publication and period of time.

Indent basically the very first line of each access in the bibliography.

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